Unlock your true potential plus FREE Board Reading 

this is NON religion - all religions are welcome. These are awareness cards which assist us in taking action towards our desires and dreams, they are used to increase happy and positive life changes. 

You have the power to create the life you want. Together we will tap into your inner wisdom to find what has been holding you back. Through the use of my accurate and insightful divination tools you will receive immediate  

- Answers         - Direction        - Focus          

 - Passion         - Love                - Clarity 

Which may be essential in achieving what you truly desire.                     

This is not a "future telling" reading but one that deals with the PRESENT. These are very powerful positive life-changing coaching sessions with the use of my cards as guiding tools to connect with your deepest and truest desires and higher self.

"What you do today, is shaping your tomorrow"

You will see clearly where your blockages are, receive clear messages and important guidance from the Universe and your higher consciousness. You will see clearly where you need to focus your energy, that's going around you and what important steps must be taken right now in order for the fruition of your manifestations to occur. 

Oracle cards are useful for anyone looking for answers and meaning. Wisdom/Oracle cards provide powerful messages to encourage positive thinking. (this is non religious - they are action taking cards to increase action taking and positive life changes) 

FREE BONUS - Board Reading (VALUE $60)

Board readings have been an integral and successful tool that I personally used with my coaching clients for years. The board helps to give you direct, specific and clear answers on direction and focus. 

Sometimes our minds are just going at ridiculous rates 24/7 yet we feel stuck or trapped in our own lives. Nothing seems to be manifesting, we are just barely "living." We find ourselves getting frustrated about how that perfect job, car, house, love interest etc is not coming our way. This is where the board comes in, as it offers the "MUST TAKE" step. The step that must occur to release a very specific blockage so you can move freely towards the manifestation of your desires. The board is my peace maker. It paints the picture towards YOUR path. It really pinpoints exactly where your focus is needed in this very moment. Sometimes it's no where near where you're thinking, and that's why you feel stuck. 

NORMAL INVESTMENT $100 for 60mins PLUS Board reading VALUED at $60 

NOW for a limited time  ONLY $75*  (new clients only)

* Phone, Skype or in person available 

You may ask as many questions as you like and you may record your card reading session with me.  

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